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Project -


Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design, Web Development, SEO,


Rue Drouot, Akwa Douala, Cameroun

Software & Tools:

HTML/CSS/JS, .NET, KENTICO CMS, Google Analytics,




Unitrans Cameroun



Web Design

Introducing Unitrans Cameroun: Revolutionizing Transit Services in Douala

- Unitrans Cameroun: Leading Transit Company based in Douala, Cameroon, dedicated to enhancing urban transportation.
- Mission: Unitrans Cameroun focuses on providing efficient and sustainable transit solutions for the local community.
- Expertise: With years of experience, Unitrans Cameroun has established itself as a trusted provider of reliable and accessible transportation services.

Skills Utilized:
- Graphic Design Mastery: Our skilled graphic designers crafted an online representation that resonates with Unitrans Cameroun's commitment to modernizing transit services.
- Web Development Expertise: Leveraging HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and contemporary web development techniques, we transformed Unitrans Cameroun's vision into a user-centric digital experience.
- SEO Optimization: Strategic SEO techniques were seamlessly integrated to ensure Unitrans Cameroun's transit solutions gain maximum visibility in the digital landscape.

Tools Employed:
- Graphic Design Tools: Advanced graphic design tools were employed to create visuals that mirror Unitrans Cameroun's dedication to innovation and excellence.
- Web Development Frameworks: Utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern web development practices, we designed a user-friendly website that encapsulates their transit services.
- SEO Analytics: Through comprehensive SEO analytics tools, we secured prime positioning for Unitrans Cameroun's transit solutions in online search results.

The Outcome:
Unitrans Cameroun proudly unveils a digital platform – a website that echoes their commitment to transforming urban transit. Visitors are immersed in an interactive experience that seamlessly guides them through innovative transportation solutions. Our collaboration not only amplified their digital presence but also solidified their reputation as pioneers in the transit industry.

In Return:
- Elevated Brand Recognition: Unitrans Cameroun gained heightened online visibility, positioning themselves as trailblazers in modern transit services.
- Enhanced User Engagement: The website offers an intuitive interface, effortlessly connecting visitors to a range of transit solutions tailored to their needs.
- Reinforced Industry Leadership: Our comprehensive approach, combining design finesse, web development utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SEO optimization, cemented Unitrans Cameroun's position as a premier transit service provider.

Embrace the transformative journey. Let WEBLYSOFT redefine your digital narrative, just as we did for Unitrans Cameroun. Reach out today and embark on a voyage that crafts an online presence poised to redefine the urban transit landscape. Your success is our canvas, waiting to be painted with innovation and distinction.