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  • 09-14-2021
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Each time we associate the term traffic to that of website, to designate the traffic of a site, in order to refer to the flow of visitors to a site. But however what are the origins of this traffic? what are the different channels that have promoted the arrival of your visitors on your site? it is indeed the question that many of you have asked and still asks. Today the Weblysoft team answers you. Based on a study conducted by the Hubspot platform with 15,000 of its customers, belonging to different industries, with the objective of determining the best sources of traffic on their website. In this article, Weblysoft will explain the main trends of what works more or less, from a general point of view, regarding traffic to websites. To do this, our team will first look at the different types of traffic and finally will discuss the main points of the study conducted by the Hubspot platform.

A. Traffic typology

1. Organic traffic

Organic traffic, refers to visitors who are directed to your site through a search engine like Google. This implies that upon insertion of the keywords in the search engine your site appeared among the first results of the search engine. A strong organic traffic clearly implies that the SEO of your site is good.

At this level, you don't need to pay for ads or be very well known, organic traffic mainly requires the creation of quality content.

2. Direct traffic

Direct traffic is the visitors who arrive on your website by manually entering the URL of your site. These people arrive directly on your site from a browser without even going through a search engine. This implies that they already knew about your site, or at least they had already heard about it in some way. Direct traffic is a strong indicator of your company's reputation.

3. Referral traffic

With the referral traffic, we are talking about visitors who arrive on your site from other websites, which are neither a search engine nor a social network. It is therefore links established between different sites.

4. Social traffic

You understand that this is the visitors who come to your site from your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. You understand more the importance of a good management of your social networks which are a strong source of traffic to your website

5. The traffic of your marketing emails

This is simply the visitors to your website who come as a result of a marketing email sent by you.

6. Paid traffic

As for the organic traffic, we are talking about visitors who arrive on your website from search engines like Google, the only difference being that this visibility is the result of paid ad campaigns.

B. Analysis of Hubspot's study: what to remember?

The study conducted by Hubspot covers 15,000 of its customers. These companies are of different sizes and from different sectors and countries.

 Six (06) sectors are represented in total:


-Consumer products,



-Marketing services,

-Real estate agencies.

From this study, the following conclusions can be drawn:

-Organic traffic and direct traffic are the best sources of website traffic.

Company awareness (direct traffic) and search engine queries (organic traffic) are the two best sources of traffic.

For the construction, consumer products, marketing services and industrial sectors, organic traffic is the primary source of traffic to their websites. It is therefore in their best interest to use content marketing to boost their SEO. It seems that users arrive on their site mainly following a search on Google.

For e-commerce and real estate agencies, it is their reputation that drives the most traffic, in fact, it is the fact that they enjoy a certain physical visibility but also social, which is the primary source of traffic to their website (direct traffic). Again at this level we come back to Content Marketing to improve this notoriety, including a real presence on social networks.

Regarding the traffic according to the size of the companies, it is still, the direct traffic which is in first line. Only individuals and very small companies have a traffic that is quite dependent on web search (40% of traffic is organic for companies with less than 5 employees). Beyond 5 employees, it is direct traffic that dominates.

-Referral traffic: the 3rd rampart

The rest of the study shows us all the traffic sources and their proportions according to the sectors of activity. All sectors benefit from referral traffic just after organic traffic and direct traffic. The referral traffic allows you to measure the effectiveness of your backlink strategy, and if you think you need to optimize this source, the Weblysoft team recommends you to always bet on content marketing.

-Paid traffic, social networks and emailing: sources not to be left out

Talking about the rest of the ranking, except for the case of marketing services, the third source comes from paid traffic. In other words, the purchase of keywords via Adwords campaigns

The companies offering marketing services rather attract Internet users via their social networks. The source that occupies the 3rd place in the real estate sector, the 5th place for industry and consumer products, and the 6th place for construction and e-commerce.

For emailing, it is the marketing sector that takes full advantage of this, it is the 3rd source of traffic. For other companies, emailing is in 5th or 6th position.

Now you know what website traffic is, you know the different types of traffic and thanks to the study made by Hubspot, which we have analyzed for you, you now know which type of traffic is preferred according to your sector. So you are already equipped to improve your marketing strategy for your website's traffic component. But we would like to point out that no source of traffic should be neglected, for a better visibility of your company and its activities, it is important that you take into account all the different sources of traffic, certainly not at the same level of priority, but always improving and adapting the types of traffic sources that others neglect in your sector, in order to take advantage of it. As you have seen, SEO is of great importance to drain visitors to your website, so if you want to improve your SEO after reading this article, contact us, Weblysoft improves your natural, paid and social SEO

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