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  • 07-01-2021
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why use emailing when you are a small business?

weblysoft team

Today, there are many ways to communicate with your target market, especially through social networks.  Inbound marketing strategies are increasingly put forward to win new customers and retain target audiences.  However, emailing is a "push" communication strategy that businesses and small businesses perhaps in particular, should not overlook because, if used properly, it has many advantages.

 1- Emailing saves you time (and therefore money)

   In all small businesses, everyone's time is precious and should be used as well as possible, especially in the development phase.  By using emailing, you save time for your sales department.  No more spending hours introducing your business to prospects one by one;  all you have to do is collect their email addresses and send them a message, which you can also personalize, to introduce yourself.  Sales reps should then focus on those who responded or those who viewed your email.

 Emailing can also be a great way to increase traffic to your website and therefore make yourself known more quickly.

 2- The costs of an emailing are very reasonable

  Setting up emailing, even going through professionals for files, creation and sending, won't cost much.  On the other hand, the returns can be very important if it is well built.  Compared to other channels, such as social networks, for example, the deliverability rate of an emailing is excellent.

 3- Emailing has a better image with internet users

    It is certain that spam significantly tarnishes the image of emailing, yet email remains the preferred means of communication for some people.  77% of Internet users prefer to receive promotional offers by email in front of the website (32%), by post (10%) and social networks (8%) *.  For your emails to be well received, you just need to choose the emails you are going to use (the ideal is really to have obtained them voluntarily from their owner through a newsletter subscription for example) and  the frequency of sending so as not to tire your interlocutors with too frequent emails.

 4- Emailing allows you to retain your customers

 Emailing can also allow you to convert prospects into customers, but above all it will allow you to retain your current customers and therefore increase their overall basket.  Emailing offers you almost endless opportunities to build and maintain a bond with your customers (welcome, anniversary offers, follow-up emails or exclusive benefits, practical advice, etc.).  As long as your emails bring added value to your customers, you have everything to gain (new orders, recommendations to those around them, etc.).

 5- The returns of an emailing are easy to analyze

 use professional emailing software and you will have no trouble knowing the returns of your mailings: open rate, click-through rate on the various links, unsubscribe, reactivity rate ... use an email address.  actual shipping to allow your subscribers to respond directly to you.

 6- Doing an emailing will advance your commercial offer

 The content of your emailing will ask you to (re) think about the commercial arguments to put forward to make your offer attractive to your target audience.

 7- It is possible to automate emailing

 Thanks to marketing automation, you can set up several emailing scenarios depending on the behavior of your subscribers to offer them ever more personalized and therefore ever more effective messages.

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