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  • 11-02-2021
  • marketing et communication

Why have a social media strategy for your business


 Nowadays, the use of social networks is ideal for the communication of your business.  These supports make it possible to be as close as possible to the targets, and therefore have many advantages for optimizing the image of a company.

 Your employer brand must be visible to as many people as possible.  This is why some companies use the inbound marketing method associated with social networking needs.

 I- why social networks?

 While not all businesses have a social media presence, many say they know the importance.  Social networks are exchange platforms for Internet users, and brands are one of the many subjects addressed by the latter, whether it is to give an opinion, positive or negative, or to provide feedback, to share information.  ... Social networks allow you to expand your digital strategy whatever your field, they occupy an important place in web marketing.

 As far as communication is concerned, this is therefore an interesting and fruitful field to exploit, which can allow you to optimize the image of your company directly with your targets.  In an ultra digitalized world, the social media strategy is essential !

 II- What are the advantages?

 Investing in social networks can offer you many possibilities and support your global or digital communication strategy.  We can cite:

 1- Increase the visibility of your business

for potential prospects or Internet users to find you on the Internet, and your pages or professional accounts can allow your company to optimize its natural referencing on search engines compared to your competitors, and thus attract  more traffic to your website.

 2- interaction with targets

 The purpose of social networks is to establish dialogue between different members of communities.  They constitute a window that can allow you to communicate directly with your target, to answer their questions or to inform them about your news.  You can also have direct feedback on your publications, or even your communication campaigns via user comments or via engagement, or the number of interactions (shares, "Likes" on Facebook or LinkedIn, or "  favorites "on Twitter ...) that they arouse, and thus better understand who your target is and how to reach it effectively, in particular by setting up a content marketing strategy to offer them relevant content (blog articles,  videos or guides to download for example).

 3- Retain your target more easily

 Loyalty translates into a lasting and trusting relationship with your target, which will naturally turn to your business when needed.  By establishing a dialogue with her on social networks or by permanently sending an attractive image that is therefore adapted to your target, this method will help to facilitate loyalty.

 4- Anticipate crisis communication

 Communication is all the more important in a crisis situation: by being present on social networks, you can easily observe the beginnings of problems, such as for example a "bad buzz", and correct the situation.  To do this, you must have a good knowledge of digital tools (example: if your company makes a mistake, it would be good to apologize rather than justify yourself).

 5- Find new collaborators and expand your activity

 By investing in corporate social networks, you can meet new collaborators interested in your activity and in the spirit of your company, who will be attracted by your brand image and your e-reputation.  You will also be able to have a first vision of their career and their projects and more easily target interesting profiles thanks to their pages.

 III- What can be the risks?

 It is important to know how to take advantage of social networks to benefit from the many advantages mentioned or not mentioned above.  Their use requires a certain expertise in this field, as mentioned above in our article.

  The presence on social networks is of great advantage for your structure but also as for any medium, poor communication on social networks could harm your business.  It is preferable to call on a professional, better able to understand the communication mechanisms used on these media.

 Calling on a professional means calling on us "WEBLYSOFT" your digital development agency to help you.  Just trust us and let the future of your business take shape in our hands.

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