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  • 07-22-2021
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By 2021, the time has come for frozen marketing. In the midst of the digital revolution, in a society that manifests itself as being dynamic, it is essential for companies, entrepreneurs and traders to adapt their marketing to new digital and socio-economic realities. In terms of innovative marketing strategy, we discussed in the previous article the concept of inbound marketing, however inbound marketing could not be reviewed without a presentation downstream of the concept of lean marketing, which is the marteketing method on which the Weblysoft team will pay attention to on this day.

A. Definition

Lean Marketing is a continuous improvement process whose philosophy lies in a step-by-step validation of what works and setting aside what does not, this through experiments carried out constantly in order to '' anticipate changes in user behavior. in other words, lean marketing is a technique, which is based on the principle of continuous innovation, relentless questioning and adaptation.

B. The Pillars of Lean Marketing

The technique of Lean Marketing is based on 3 fundamental pillars which are closely linked, namely creation, measurement and learning.

• Creation: the primary objective in the lean marketing method is the creation of quality content in line with the target. Indeed, identifying the target audience and its characteristics is the first step in the Lean marketing method. Depending on the profile of the audience, what follows is the creation of tailor-made content, on your website and on your social networks, which will of course be optimized for search engines.

• Measurement: at this level the objective is to verify the functioning or dysfunction of your strategy. To do this, the use of indicators (the traffic on your website, the bounce rate, the conversion rates on your landing pages or the engagement rate of your publications) giving a quantitative account is recommended.

• Learning: Measurement has an interest: learned lessons to improve your strategy. It is therefore imperative to carry out tests to see what really works on your target by modifying, for example, certain parameters such as the location or color of a CTA on your landing page, the format of your articles (Top list, computer graphics, video ...), messages on your social networks, how to build your speeches etc ...

C- The Lean Marketing AARRR Matrix Tunnel

Like Growth Hacking with its conversion funnel, Lean Marketing has its own funnel which is also similar to that of growth hacking with 5 key points (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Recommendation, Revenue ). Although the AARRR Tunnel was developed in our article on Growth Hacking, we briefly recall it for those who are starting to follow the development agency Weblysoft through this article, but especially so that you can establish the correlation between the pillars. learning and the AARRR tunnel

Acquisition: Acquisition marks the arrival of visitors to the website or social network, this through different channels such as search engines, links that point to your site or even through the classic "word of mouth" system. ear >>. It is therefore imperative to understand and analyze through which channels the attraction of visitors is done in order to optimize

Activation: Visitors are still cold prospects and in dormant mode, however, they have a first positive experience on your site, which results in various actions such as the creation of a user account or the transmission of an email address through of a landing page.

Retention: Prospects become active users of your site, they come back to it several times and stay engaged through it because they find an interest in what you do or in the content you offer. 

Recommendation: What follows from a good activation and good retention is the recommendation of your service offerings, your products or your company to those around them and this is how they are transformed into ambassadors. The positive recommendations that will be relayed will have much more value than any advertising you will have.

Income: After transforming your prospects into customers thanks to your lead generation strategy, the financial harvest follows. However, it is now necessary to ensure the loyalty of your customers through tips, a competition so that purchases are renewed and marked by recurrence.

D- Lean Marketing and Inbound Marketing Associate: A double winning strategy

Lean Marketing should precede inbound strategy, in the design of a communication and digital marketing strategy, indeed,

Lean marketing thinks about the production of content and its distribution differently: Produce as soon as possible, as simply as possible while at the same time. continuously measuring performance in order to capitalize on the data collected in order to be able to reuse them in a second even more efficient campaign.

Inbound Marketing can be managed with reference to the philosophy of Lean Marketing. The idea is to measure the effective functioning of all the actions of inbound marketing, in order to improve and optimize them according to the new requirements of the target audience and the parameters of the digital and socio-economic environment.

At the end of our article, it is important to remember that lean marketing starts from the observation that perfection is a permanent quest. This is why it stands out in its philosophy and methodology by a spirit of cyclical operation, of questioning in order to improve its efficiency. Planning, analyzing and learning are the guiding verbs of lean marketing. It is in this same dynamic of planning all actions related to your activity, your service offers; analysis of your digital and socio-economic environment that our development agency Weblysoft offers you website design and production services, website hosting, SEO strategy, e-mailing service, management of your corporate image on social networks, professional logo design and production, application creation and development.

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