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  • 11-02-2021
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You already know that having a website is necessary if you want to stay competitive and develop your business regularly. Indeed, since the advent of e-commerce, consumers no longer need to go to the store. All purchases are now made in a few minutes via their smartphone or tablet. However, it is necessary to understand that having a website does not necessarily guarantee the success of your business. Indeed, in addition to having a website for your business, it is important for you to optimize it to improve its performance: This is the meaning and usefulness of web design, which will be the subject of our article today.

A- What is webdesign?

The webdesign is the association of two words: web and design which literally mean "web" and "draw", literally, the webdesign is the action of drawing for the web. Drawing for the web means, among other things, the production of images, videos and different colors to make a site attractive. It is therefore up to the webdesigner to let his imagination speak to find the ideal design that will make the difference.

However, summarizing the work of the webdesigner to the only graphic production would be a crime against lèse-majesté. Indeed, the webdesigner must also use his know-how to improve the ergonomics of the site while facilitating its use. In addition, he is also responsible for the organization of the various pages with the architecture of the entire site.

The reason of the web designer's job is to attract the attention of the Internet users by setting up an ergonomic, attractive interface and guaranteeing a better experience for the users. It is thus largely by his art and the outcome of his work that the rate of increase of the conversions will follow.

B. Why should your company be interested in web design?

Nowadays, companies that have understood the challenges of digitalization call on web designers to have an attractive site that will convert prospects. Let's keep in mind that the interface allows users to have a first impression on your site. It is only after viewing your interface that they will decide whether or not to continue browsing your site. That's why you have to take special care of the visual communication.  The web designer will therefore concretely work on :

1. Improve the design of the site

Whether it is a website, an e-business or a blog, the design is always very important. Indeed, Internet users use this criterion to appreciate the reliability of a website. So, if you neglected this detail, you will have difficulties to catch the attention of your prospects.  You should know that design is not only about the colors or graphics used, but also the presentation of the site and the quality of the writing.

Having an attractive design on your site will directly impact the interest of visitors to your content, which will multiply the acquisition of traffic on your site. However, you should not forget that the design also reflects your company's brand image.

2. Optimize the user experience

If the aesthetics allows to capture the attention of Internet and mobile users, it is not enough to convert prospects. It is therefore necessary to offer a better user experience. It is in this perspective that Google has decided since this year, to integrate the UX among its indexing criteria. To benefit from a good indexation you should pay particular attention to the ergonomics of the site.

The goal of this approach is to facilitate the use of the site, thanks to very intuitive, innovative and accessible features. In this perspective, the web-designer must be meticulous. He will analyze for example the quality and the relevance of the images as well as the colors, the typologies of icons and their connection with the activity of the company.

He must make sure that the navigation is fluid and easy, in order to encourage visitors to get more information about the products or services.

3. Convey a stunning message

Web design is a very effective communication tool for the company. If you want to reach your goal more easily, you must now integrate it into your marketing strategies

The web-designer will exploit all the information concerning the activity to be able to transmit a striking message (clear, concise, precise, aesthetic and ethical) to the prospects as well as to the customers.

Having a website is an asset for your company, because it allows visitors to know what you offer. However, to be able to move your targets to action, the information provided must be clear and concise. The design must be in accordance with the message transmitted. It is the webdesigner who is in charge of accompanying you in this process.

In short, we have seen that web design is not a simple graphic design. It is much more than that, it is indeed a real communication tool that will facilitate the user experience through a user-friendly ergonomics, a clearly transmitted message. It gives a real added value to the information by professionalizing the image. Need a website? Thinking of redesigning your website? Choose Weblysoft as your partner.

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