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  • 08-01-2020
  • Business

The Necessity Of Remote Work After Covid-19


During the Covid-19 crisis, our world has dramatically changed. Markets have moved, people have been fired, companies have restructured, we have become more fearful about the future, we started saving more, ordering and shopping more online, etc ... 

However, one of the biggest changes that companies have had to make is allow their employees to work remotely. Companies did not do this because they wanted to but because they were forced to. However, some companies like TWITTER and its CEO, Jack Dorsey have embraced this brave new world and have allowed their employees to work from home FOREVER (https://nbcnews.to/2ZgraJm) ... yes FOREVER... 

In my option, Jack Dorsey gets It  😀  - This is the future. Less overhead for companies, better for the environment because no need for massive buildings, burning electricity, heat, not as many cars on the road.

During the Confinement the Sky was blue in Delhi which proves the point. Working from home can also bring a Better life - Balance for employees and might even foster stronger relationships between co-workers.

It is not because you work form home that you stop being human. Employees will still meet but in a more private and intimate context like coffee shops or their houses which creates stronger bonds at work and in life.

Remote Work has long been feared by companies because of the misguided notion that they will lose control. What these companies fail to realize is that although Remote Work is not for everyone, most people are by far more productive in their own environment.

There is less time wasted gossiping and chit chatting around the water cooler. Things get done faster. Furthermore, regarding control as a company you have the ultimate control: YOUR PURSE .

So let's get with the time, build an infrastructure that enables our employees and partners to work remotely and have work be part of their lives instead of that thing that they have to do to get a paycheck.