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  • 07-08-2021
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Communication has always been a pillar in the prospection of activities, offers and services in the trade sector. In a contemporary universe marked in a distinct way by the digitization of business practices, communication, which is closely linked to advertising and materialized among other things by graphic design, becomes an essential tool for the development of business activities and for survival. of the latter.

<< What is graphic design? >>

Graphic design, also called graphic creation or graphic design, is defined as the action of design and production, within the framework of visual communication, of communication media combining images, videos and texts.

<< How can graphic design be of service to the company? >>

There is no company as small as it is that does not communicate on activities, offers of wealth (and / or) services, economic profitability is strongly conditioned by the various communication and advertising actions initiated by the company. business. Therefore, building an image and taking care of it is imperative for sustainability. In society, the impression that individuals give us at first contact through their appearances considerably conditions and determines the ideas that we build around their person and personality. The same is not true of the business world. It is therefore a perspective of building and consolidating the image of the company, that the graphic design will intervene. Indeed, through the design and realization of Logo, graphic charter, flyers, video editing and many other elements, the graphic design aims to convey the social and cultural values ​​of the company, which will allow it to be identified by consumers and automatically stand out from the competition. It must be said that a graphic creation which manages to materialize in the form of signs, symbols, images and texts, the habits of the consumer's environment in such a way that he can in any way recognize himself in it, is a business which gradually permeates the consciousness, the unconscious and the subconscious of the public, this is the great challenge that big firms such as <<Apple>>, <<Samsung>>, < <SFR>>, << Bouygues Telecom >>, <<coca-cola>>, <<Dior>>, << Louis Vuitton >>, << Gucci >> Etc ...

<< To impose oneself through picture marketing >>

Picture Marketing can be defined as the use of visual aids such as photos, videos, animated gifs etc ... for the promotion of the activities, goods and services of the company on the internet. A study conducted by Track Social on 100 American brands registered on Facebook, shows that photos get 4 times more "likes" than other media (Source: tracksocial.com). And this result is extended to other social networks such as Twitter, Google, Tumblr or Instagram. It must be said in fact that, the result of the study conducted by Track Social, confirms the reality according to which "A image value  1000 words", long texts annoy Internet users and do not always attract their attention. In a digital environment saturated with information, it is therefore smart to resort to the use of images, (which we stress are easily identifiable, memorizable and shareable) to transmit emotions and convey messages within the web community.

In summary, communication intrinsically linked to advertising is essential for the development and survival of the company, however small it may be. In fact, in a world marked by the saturation of information, it allows customers to exist permanently in the imagination. Establishing a good communication strategy already gives the company a certain notoriety. The advent and emergence of e-commerce and social networks, requires the company to adapt to new communication, marketing and advertising practices in order to face the competition and be frozen in the memory of Internet users.