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  • 07-06-2021
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The digitization of business and entrepreneurship practices has given rise to new methods and techniques for the growth and profitability of activities on the web, we strongly think of `` growth hacking '' which is the central theme addressed by the 'Weblysoft team in this article. Faced with this new technique for growing the activities of start-ups, we will have particular attention to the definition of "growth hacking", the role of "growth hacking", the activities and tools of "growth hacking"  and the job of Growth Hacker in the tunnel of the matrix <<AARRR>>


Of American origin, growth hacking (literally the "growth hacking" or hacking of growth) is an activity consisting in "activating the growth" of a company, in particular of a startup, by a set of marketing techniques allowing rapidly and significantly accelerate the growth of its turnover (Source: Wikipedia). In other words, "growth hacking" refers to the ability of a start-up to accelerate its growth (and / or) its financing through innovative digital marketing practices. This is indeed a very broad function of web development and marketing which encompasses a wide variety of fields, including web design, web content writing, web traffic development and analysis.

2.The Role of "Growth Hacking"

the objective of "growth hacking" which clearly declines its role is to create a reputation for the company, to make it grow and perpetuate it; to generate an influx of traffic thanks to digital tools. Growth Hacking is therefore a tool, a technique, a method of mass prospecting, because it essentially takes up the challenges of acquiring a very large number of members in a short time, to get a start-up off the ground. up or a new product. This activity will therefore appear as a massive marketing weapon which, while drawing its sources from innovation and communication, also combines its tools.

3. The Activities of "Growth Hacking"

As stated above, "Growth Hacking" is a crossroads practice where web design, web content writing, web traffic development and analysis come together; which are communication and digital innovation tools, for this purpose the various activities of "Growth Hacking" are among others:


Acquiring a website's visibility on search engines helps build a company's reputation. It is therefore a key issue to position your websites in the first results of search engines


With the use of tools such as Google Analytics, in particular, you can monitor and adapt your marketing action. Ideally, the Growth Hacker will set up link tracking.


Growth hacking can go through the functions of webmaster, web integrator or coder.


The constitution of “hacks” which are small computer programs allowing the recovery and / or the use of mass data, e-mails or other valuable information on social networks is necessary for the visibility of start-ups for this purpose, Writing the codes of its relevant programs which will have various uses is a crucial activity of Growth Hacking.


It can also be used as a growth tool, since it makes it possible to target a population of Internet users with very great precision, according to their CSP, their interests ... Google Adsense, but also many agencies, affiliate services and advertisers will be used. to increase the "reach" of its activity on the web.


It must be said that investing in social networks allows you to create an e-reputation and build a community of "followers".


is a method of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a medium of mass commercial communication to send messages to an audience, it is indeed a very effective way to communicate quickly with a large number of people and to retain its members.


The spirit of creativity is essential to make a brand visible, trigger positive externalities, initiate word of mouth. This creativity requires careful consideration of the means and results of a project.


 The financing of an innovative project has many specificities that should be addressed according to the different phases of its development, this may be possible in particular through Crowdfunding.

4.The Growth Hacker in the matrix tunnel <<AARRR>>

Every Growth Hacker works, consciously from a scheme that can be summed up by the AARRR matrix. Indeed, it was Dave McClure, entrepreneur and business angel, who first proposed this matrix. The latter describes, more broadly, the operation of any technological start-up. Understanding it better also means better understanding Growth Hacking. AARRR is an acronym that refers to the terms: Acquisition - Activation - Retention - Referral - Income. This matrix defines the different successive stages on which a Growth Hacker must focus his attention.

a) Acquisition

The first step in the work of a Growth Hacker in a start-up is to attract Internet users to a service (via different channels: social networks, SEO, SEA, etc.). In other words, you have to generate traffic. In addition, we must ensure that the value proposition of the service offer is sufficiently relevant so that the Internet user can see it very quickly, hence the importance of "landing pages"

b) Activation

Once Internet users have arrived on the "landing page" and have seen the value proposition, you have to succeed in getting them to sign up. In other words, transforming the Internet user into a user through registrations (newsletter, RSS feed or other).


The Growth Hacker must ensure that users of the service become active and use it regularly, for example through regular updates, new features, the proposal of new features, the organization of events, discount coupons, loyalty programs, marketing drip, etc ...

d) Referral

At this stage, everything must be done to ensure that active users of the service become ambassadors of the service to their network. Here we are at the heart of Growth Hacking, virality. Indeed, it is this that will allow the user base to grow exponentially or by geometric growth.

e) Income

This final step is to turn active users into revenue. This is the monetization stage (advertising, subscription, etc.) during which prospects become real customers.

In sum, the objective of growth hacking is to increase the number of users of the service, to ensure sustainable growth. Growth Hacking focuses its attention on the quality of users with the objective of qualified and sustainable growth, the only growth capable of making the start-up's business sustainable.

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