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  • 10-01-2021
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The Company Blog and reader engagement.


One of the consequences of the "content shock" on the web is the amplification of Internet users' disinterest in information. Indeed, he now surfs on the web space by reading diagonally, zapping the content without however really paying attention to it. The question of capturing their attention and getting your audience to engage on your Blog, remains relevant and remains relevant. It is therefore in this perspective, that the Weblysoft team is looking into this question and decides to bring you insights that will serve you to increase the engagement of your readers on your Blog.

1. Know your audience

This is certainly the first thing to do before even choosing the subjects of your articles. Once you know your target readers well (socio-professional category, age group, area of ​​interest etc ...) you will be able to more easily determine what type of content they may want to read and in what format (s) ( s), so it will also be easier for you to write blog posts that are really relevant to them and that answer their questions.

2. Offer additional content

Differentiate yourself from others by not leaving the reader hungry ... Help them learn more about their problem by providing additional content to what they have just read.

By opting for in-depth content you show your expertise, you guide the reader ever further in the conversion tunnel and at the same time you demonstrate that you are the company for them.

To save time, it is possible to automate the proposal of similar articles with extensions. Under WordPress.

3. Indicate the estimated reading time

As soon as it arrives on your content, the reader must be reassured about the reading time. Especially if the user is surfing from a mobile

Depending on the browsing context, a visitor may or may not have time to read your article. By telling him from the start that the reading is short, he will then be encouraged to continue. Conversely, if nothing is specified and he feels your article is very long (a tenfold effect when the screen is reduced), he may get scared and immediately leave your site.

4. Favor short but highly relevant formats

More than half of Internet users connect to the Internet from a smartphone. Which ties in with what we said above: they have little time to devote to reading. These mobile users usually take a break, travel time or wait to browse content, do research or read their social media news feed.

To engage them more, captivate them and encourage them to consult other content, prefer synthetic, but effective articles. Provide clear answers, practical advice and relevant information in a few lines.

You may, eventually, at the end of your article, offer a long version of your content for those who want more details.

5. Maximize on the visual

A visual awakens the eye of the Internet user and captures their attention. In addition, in the middle of a long block of text, it aerates the reading and sometimes provides additional information. punctuate your paragraphs with engaging visuals to keep the reader on your blog, plus, using graphics or infographics, for example, can cut down on reading time.

6. Improve and optimize the loading times of your pages

If your readers take forever to jump from post to post or load a page, chances are they'll give up on your blog quickly.

Research shows that a slight delay in loading just a second on one of your pages can lower your conversion rate by 7%, customer satisfaction by 16% and total pageviews by 11%.

7. Rework internal links

If having a nice tree structure in your internal links is very useful for your SEO, it is also for the engagement of your readers on your blog and more generally on your whole site.

So that they can easily move from one article to another or from one article to one of your web pages, it is essential that these links follow a certain logic and a certain relevance

To do this, consider using anchor texts that are well descriptive, check regularly that you do not have broken links and do not abuse internal links in your articles.

In short, what you must remember is that with mobile traffic which continues to increase and Internet users always more demanding, engaging a community regardless of the platform is not only substantive work, but also formal. The Weblysoft development agency puts at your disposal a Kyriade of services to improve your web visibility: Attractive websites, SEO strategy, Professional Logo creation, management of your social networks, application development. Don't have a blog for your brand or business? you know a blog but it does not meet the expectations of your audience? Badly referenced blog or website? Contact us:

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