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  • 08-04-2021
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the businesses of digital communication


  As the digital world is booming, more and more young people are taking an interest in it;  geek or not, the digital domain leaves room for everyone.  Weblysoft guides you!

  Digital is used everywhere.  In all sectors of activity.  We use this term to group together everything related to the internet, digital and mobile.  In short, to technology.  Digital uses technical innovations to invent new services and new applications that change everyday life and provide solutions.  Also, in addition to digital job opportunities, most of the jobs of tomorrow in this field do not yet exist.  A few figures better summarize the place of digital in today's professional world:

 + 13% active users of social media for 1 year

 + 4% unique mobile users for 1 year

 60% of employees consider their company's digital strategy to be late

 80 billion connected objects in the world in 2020 (15 billion in 2012)

 2 billion people are connected to the internet (+ 10% in 1 year)

                                        1- digital professions

 There are 3 main families of trades in the digital field.  They are very different from each other.

 Jobs in web creation:

 -Digital project manager

 -Multimedia project manager

 -Head of advertising

 -Creative technologist

 -Digital artistic director

 -Creative director

 -Web ergonomist , Graphic designer, 3D Illustrator, UX Designer, UI Designer, Webdesigner  etc.

 - web development professions: The digital revolution has grown to such an extent that in Cameroon we are looking for no less than 3,000 to 1,000 developers.

 The web developer masters development and programming languages.  Depending on its domain, it is able to create the entire structure and tree structure of a website, accessibility to the site (or application), queries between servers, etc.  So many skills needed in today's businesses.  A non-exhaustive list of languages ​​mastered by the web developer: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Java, C, C #, SQL, Python, Ruby on Rails ...

 - The web marketing professions: The e-commerce and e-marketing market is growing more and more, thanks to the development of digital technology.  The number of online shoppers is increasing, with the expansion of e-commerce sites and mobile shoppers, the behavior and the buying journey of buyers have changed completely.  A digital transformation that merchant companies must take into account, which leaves room for the emergence of new jobs.

 there are many trades, including:

 -Account Manager / SEA Expert

 -Data analyst

 -Data architect

 -Data scientist

 -Digital product manager

 -Digital project manager

 -Web project manager

 - CRM project manager

 --Web analytics consultant

 -Community Manager

 - SEO consultant / SEO expert


 -Traffic Manager

 -Social Media Manager

 -Growth Hacker

 -Web writer, e-commerce manager, webmarketer etc.

                                  2- What we have to do to work in digital

 Constantly evolving, future digital professionals must know how to adapt easily and nurture a taste for innovation.  New professions are being created there every day to meet constantly changing challenges.  For this, more and more training courses are offered to graduates fresh out of the baccalaureate exam, and also to non-baccalaureate and passionate students.  There are specialized schools such as IAI Cameroon for this.  Private institutes and online training.

 Whatever the occupation family, the opportunities are numerous and varied, as are the salaries.  For that it will be necessary to master its field well and to be good.

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