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  • 11-02-2021
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The best content for a good digital communication


 Whether for professional or personal reasons, when someone visits a site, it is consent that keeps them coming back.  Increasingly, digital marketers are starting to take an interest in all types of content that digital marketing enables.  At the start of the web, textual content represented 99% of what was available.  Since then things have changed!

 These days, content marketing has exploded with all kinds of formats suitable for everyone:

 -B2B and B2C customers can now access thousands of hours of video on any topic.

 -It is easier than ever to produce informative infographics thanks to increasingly "user frendly" tools.

 -Interactive experiences that previously took hours of coding can now be built in just minutes.

 There are many types of content out there, but the ones that produce real engagement and conversions fall into eight types which we'll explore in this article.

  1. Blog

 The blog is the backbone of your content strategy.

 It serves three major purposes: attracting visitors, converting them or retaining them, and improving the overall SEO performance of your website.

 In order to have an effective blog, your blog should first and foremost contain useful and informative posts: when people can put your White paper

content to work for them, they are more likely to trust you.

 2.  After visiting your blog and going into more detail, electronic books (also called e-book) are intended to develop your expertise or your know-how.  They also allow you to request, in exchange for their download, the contact details of your visitors.

 Indeed, after reading a blog article, visitors sometimes want to know more and provide their contact details to access an e-book that will give them access to important and valuable information in their professional missions.

 3. Email marketing

 Email is one of the most effective formats in content marketing for cultivating a long-term relationship.  More often prospects will only sign up for your newsletter if they get something in return.  Once they agree and subscribe, they expect to receive relevant content!

 4. Social media marketing

 Each platform offers different opportunities, so it's important to get the most out of users and get to know them.

 If your organization only has time for one social media platform, most B2B companies will get the best ROI with LinkedIn.  B2C businesses should use Facebook or Twitter.

 5. Infographic

 Infographics are one of the most memorable types of content marketing and one that is shared the most by audiences.  Indeed, information illustrated by an image is retained at 65% on D + 3.  When there is no picture that illustrates the information, only 10% will remember it.

 Infographic is, in fact, the most shareable content there is.  It tends to be shared between 2 times and 3 times more than other content formats when well designed.

 6. Video marketing

 Among all the different types of content, video is a real marketing lever: it is the preferred format of Internet users.  The video is more pleasant to read and allows you to get a lot of messages in a short time.

 More and more companies appreciate this format, It gives them the possibility to make good use of their free time, especially when the video content is five minutes or less.

 7. Case studies

 Case studies are crucial for clients entering the decision phase.  They help determine which solutions are likely to best suit their problem.  Ideally, they lead to a business contact.

 8. Webinar

 The goal of a webinar is to create targeted content that prompts your audience to take action while working with the sales team to effectively follow up on leads following the webinar.

 Some tips for webinar:

 - Define the objective of the webinar at the start.

 - Position the webinar in the conversion journey.

 - Promote it.

 - Develop a lead maturation strategy following this one.

 - Work with the sales team for the conclusion of transactions.

 Content marketing gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience.

 With all the formats that can be mobilized as part of a content marketing strategy, there is always a new way to connect with the right medium at the right time.  Each type of content helps you add value.  Your weblysoft digital development agency can also help you in developing a good digital strategy by creating and designing other digital products (website, mobile application, hosting, seo).

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