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  • 11-23-2021
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Testimonials and statistics of the website's contribution to the body by olivia fitness club


Digital technologies enable countries to accelerate their socio-economic development, bring their people closer to services and employment opportunities, and build a better future. Digital innovations are transforming almost all sectors of the economy.  economy by introducing new business models, new products, new services.  It is in this momentum that weblysoft digital development agency is responsible for putting its expertise in the development and design of digital products at the service of all.  All sectors of activity need in a certain way to find themselves on the internet, to communicate and to get closer to their target.  Weblysoft has until nowadays several websites and mobile applications around the world in particular for this arru BODY BY OLIVA which is a fitness room located in Cameroon at the Bonamoussadi mosque.  Sports hall dedicated to the development of women and children through various programs: dance, fitness ... Company created by Shek Oli with a view to contributing to the development and acceptance of women.  Shek Oli opted for the website product because of the quality of her service and the vision she had.  When she came to us, she had several concerns and we were able to meet her expectations.

 I- the problem that Shek Oli (founder of body by Oliva) had when we met

 Here are the concerns our client had

 - Creation of an online presence that will be able to display the box and the services offered, in particular fitness.

 - Give the possibility to interested people to pay through the platform

 - Be informed about events organized by the club

 II- the solution we have proposed

 During the interview with the client she wanted a product that fits with the concerns our team of developers offered her a website.  She had explanations and apprehensions but thanks to our expertise we were able to help her find her way.  We asked her expectations, her logo, the graphic charter, the vision of her structure, the product she sells, her values, her mission in general. We helped her to better understand and explain her ideas.  At the end of the interview we offered our client a hergonomic, relational website, i.e. creating a certain perception of a social presence and human contact between clients and the company in the virtual world.  .  A site that creates a certain trust between the Internet user and the brand, the credibility to show the Internet user that it is serious to give the price as well as testimonials.  The quality of the media with professional photos of the fitness club.  In the end, we delivered his website to him on time.  The respect of all the expectations of the client has earned us satisfaction with her.  She liked it and little by little she saw the population of her club increase.

 III - the contribution of the solution to body by Oliva

 The development of a quality website meeting the requirements and expectations of the client has been a success both in the social and financial fields.  With the use of Google analytics, we were able to see the advances in fitness in terms of statistics.

 - On the social level: body by Oliva has gained notoriety.  After the creation of the website the number of subscribers and visitors in fitness increased.  The fitness club saw its population and popularity doubled.  In Cameroon the net fitness has 2,423 users so 2,417 are the new subscribers This between January 2019 and November 2021. Where for most visitors from Cameroon spent 00:02:57 min on the site, a long enough time to learn about the  services (note that the more time the visitor spends on the site, the more he becomes a customer 90% of the time).  In the United States of America 1,199 users who spent 00:03:15 min on the site a much longer time than in Cameroon, this reflects the cross-border nature of the Internet and social networks.  Since the fitness club is not present in this country, the club has used its diet advice service for those interested in this area.  Basically BODY BY OLIVA has increased visitors from all over the world thanks to us WEBLYSOFT and our website product thus 5.705% of Total users on its website today.

 - From an economic point of view: the Body by Oliva fitness club saw its turnover increase.  This is the result of the number of visitors which has increased.  Shek Oli has had a lot of financial profit through his diet advice service in foreign countries.  For her, thanks to her site, she was able to find satisfaction.

 - Loyalty: prospects who have shown interest in any fitness club service so far are loyal customers.  They have found satisfaction with Body by Oliva, also thanks to its welcome to its messages and the follow-up of its patients, they do not hesitate to come back when they need the service of Shek Oli.

 We note that in this article not all progress statistics have been cited in order to keep certain information confidential.  But if you are interested in one of our services: Website, web pages, mobile application, hosting, do not hesitate to contact us like Madame Shek Oli in order to find the solution to all your concerns in digital products.  Our development agency and our team of developers are at your entire disposal.

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