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  • 11-01-2021
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Succeed with your editorial strategy on social networks


Still called content strategy, an editorial strategy is a process that will allow you to define your future content marketing actions on your social media in the short, medium and long term. Indeed, it is the one that governs each of your publications promotes and improves the permanent contact with your customers.  While today many companies, entrepreneurs and traders are jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon by deciding to use social networks for their communication, few of them take the time to establish a solid editorial strategy. It is therefore in this perspective that the Weblysoft team through this article has developed a guide to the success of a good editorial strategy.

A- What is the editorial strategy?

Still called content strategy, an editorial strategy is a process that will allow you to define your future content marketing actions on your social media in the short, medium and long term. Indeed, it is the strategy that governs each of your publications.

B- The stakes of the editorial strategy

The creation and distribution of content depend directly on your editorial strategy. If you don't measure or mismeasure the relevance and importance of this strategy, it will be almost impossible to create curiosity, arouse attention and make Internet users, prospects or customers adhere to your brand's universe. Without this adhesion, it is difficult to implement a meaningful customer marketing with a strong added value for your business development.

C- The 5-step guide to a successful editorial strategy

1. Understand your target audience and define the social networks to use

Understanding your target audience is the major issue of your editorial strategy. Indeed, analyzing your target audience will allow you to reach them efficiently. There is no point in posting content without having an idea of the profiles you want to address. It is important to determine who you are talking to, in order to adopt the right language, the right images etc... to better seduce your audience.

To do this, you need to analyze the demographics of your targets (age, gender, tastes, interests, etc.) and learn about their use of social networks. Simply because the choice of platforms to exploit will depend on it.

2. Use an editorial calendar

At this level, editorial calendar templates for social networks are your best allies. Whether you opt for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, it's easy to find the right calendar. This tool will make it easy for you to schedule your campaigns and organize the publication of regular content.

3. Define the type of content to post

It is sometimes a headache to choose the content to publish. However, the quality of the content has a direct impact on the engagement rate of your community. If you have just joined a platform, analyze the competition to choose the right keywords according to the targets.

It is also essential to keep up with the latest trends in your industry. You can then build on your past posts that have generated traffic to further improve your content. Important dates (international celebrations, national celebrations) can also help you define the type of content to post

4. Regularity of posts

After defining the social networks to use and the content to share, you need to set the frequency of publication on your social media. That said, you should know that the success of your editorial strategy does not depend on the quantity of posts published, but rather on their quality

5. Evaluate the impact of your social media presence

Once your editorial strategy is in place, you need to monitor the results and evaluate its effectiveness. To this end, many tools are at your disposal to allow you to have access to crucial information about your published content.

In short, the editorial strategy is at the heart of a communication strategy that aims to be impactful and of high quality. Publishing on the fly, in front of an unknown audience, will have no effect on your company's visibility on your social media. To maximize your e-reputation, expand your brand content, effectively target your target, produce and disseminate relevant content, develop your editorial strategy trust our specialists in communication and digital marketing client. 

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