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  • 08-03-2021
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The expression "social network" in usual usage generally refers to that of "social media", which covers the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction between individuals or groups of individuals, and the creation of content. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define them as "a group of online applications that are based on the philosophy and technology of the net and enable the creation and exchange of user-generated content" (Source: Wikipedia). Due to the fact that social networks are now part of the digital strategy of companies, they appear as a real springboard for acquiring leads, allowing companies to make themselves known by future customers, to analyze the actions of the competition. and to better prospect for its offers and services. On this basis, it seems to us a great need to address the question of the typology of content to be published on social networks. This article is based on 2 main points, namely the issue of social networks for companies and the type of content to be published on social networks.

A. The challenge of social networks for businesses

Over the past 10 years, companies have perfectly integrated the challenges of a presence on social networks. Indeed, it must be said that through the virality of information, social networks allow the realization of instant communication.

For businesses, social networks therefore allow:

• Building an e-reputation for those who do not have one (nascent companies) and improving e-reputation for younger and older companies

• building a community.

• Direct contact between the company and its audience, which results in the facilitation of the collection of customer opinions and the collection of the expectations of their targets.

• The increase in traffic to a site or e-commerce.

B. Types of content to publish on social networks

Like search engines, social networks also use particularly complex algorithms which tend to evolve considerably from year to year. This is why some content that has long been valued on the networks is now completely obsolete. Gaining visibility on the networks by publishing engaging content for your community requires that you use the following content:

1. Infographics

An infographic is content that has the advantage of mixing written media with visual media. In a context of information saturation, it allows the Internet user to have access in a short period of time to a set of concise and precise information. Customers therefore access vital data via computer graphics without being invaded by a tornado of texts and illustrations.

2. The image

Visual content has the advantage of being remembered by over 80% of people who see it. Indeed, posts that are accompanied by an image enjoy an average of 53% more engagement than a conventional post.

3. Live video

The live video tool is increasingly used by businesses on social networks. Indeed, a live video makes it possible to share important events for the company and its community. In addition, it allows the company to interact with its customers through a question and answer game

4. The video

Videos have higher engagement than articles, links, or images.

Indeed, a video conveys relevant content such as the sharing of knowledge, technical knowledge or a new business strategy.

5. Storytelling

When a product is appreciated, it is good for the company to take customers behind the scenes of the product by opening the door to the who (the team members) and the how (the processes of making the product). It is in this perspective that the social networks Instagram and Facebook then set up a storytelling tool to humanize companies. These are generally short and ephemeral films (stories), which will allow a customer to tell a story around a product

6. The podcast

It allows you to listen to a recording on a specific theme, indeed, shorter than an article or a video, the podcast allows Internet users to access information, while engaging in other activities in parallel.

7. Customer testimonial

Businesses win down the line by asking for feedback from their customers. Indeed, in addition to arousing within the customers the feeling of appreciation and consideration, the customer testimonial is an excellent means of given credit to the products or the services of the company. It is therefore recommended that companies publish customer reviews in the form of a quote, video or case study. This is a process that is particularly engaging for your entire community since it is about your referrals.

8. The competition

The quiz is a good way to verify and increase the engagement and size of your community.

9. The quote

The quote is short content, which can be fun, educational, motivating, heartwarming. The quote often inspires Internet users to the point of success sharing it to highlight their state of mind at the moment T

10. Customer sharing

The challenge is also to be attentive to the content (photo, video, article, etc.) where customers mention the company. In effect, they become promoters of your brand and save you time and money. You can then publish their photos by mentioning them in turn to initiate an interaction, and as we said above aroused the feeling of appreciation and consideration.

Ultimately, it is important for a company to master the functioning of the algorithm of the social network in which it is deployed, but to know what is published? when is it released? and how is it published? In this perspective, we remind you that Weblysoft offers management services for your social networks, in order to improve your visibility and impact your profitability.

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