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  • 07-21-2021
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site hosting, important for any business

weblysoft team

   Setting up a website will necessarily force you to think about its hosting.  For many of us, this is the time to ask ourselves: what exactly is it and what are the main choices available to me?  To answer these questions precisely, read on.

                                                            Brief summary of web hosting

       Briefly, web hosting consists of making a website accessible to Internet users at all times, via access to a server.  As the owner of the server (s), the company you are dealing with therefore becomes the host of your website.  The data which codifies a website (including HTML and CSS code) is grouped together in several files to then be placed on a server, itself administered by the host (weblysoft).  The data contained on the server will then be translated by your browser to allow the website to be displayed with all these components as it appears before your eyes.  Additional services may be offered by the web host such as antivirus protection for your site or a backup service.

   Far from being free or offered, hosting comes in many forms, each of which has their strengths and weaknesses.  In either case, the servers will need to have efficient bandwidth (at least 100 Mbps, which means the download speed will be around 100 megabits per second).

                                                                    Who uses web hosting?

 If you want to publish a website to the web, you will need to resort to some form of web hosting.  Whether for a blog, a business website with a CMS, an online store or an online magazine, web hosting is one of the basic technologies for publishing content on the Internet.

                                                 The different types of web hosting

     Shared hosting: Shared hosting is the process of allowing many sites (which can even number in the thousands) to share the resources of a single server.

 VPS hosting: VPS hosting works much the same as shared hosting.  The first difference between it and the latter is that server sharing is only done with 20 websites, which is significantly less than in the previous option.

  Here we have the inconvenience of seeing the loading speed of his site slowed down due to too much traffic on another site, because all the sites that are hosted on the server benefit from the same share of memory.

 Dedicated hosting: Dedicated hosting, for its part, consists of hosting only one site per server, which is mainly used for sites with a very high traffic rate per month (several dozen of  thousands of visitors) as well as for those whose confidentiality of information is vital.  This type of hosting is generally used by large companies and is very expensive.

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