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  • 11-02-2021
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With the advent of the Internet, companies, entrepreneurs and traders around the world are connected, to better prospect on activities, offers and services. In this frantic race related to the conquest of cyber space, it is important for companies, entrepreneurs and traders to always proceed to an evaluation of their tools for the practice of e-commerce. It is in this perspective that today Weblysoft is interested in the Seo audit of your website design. The article will be structured around 03 points namely the definition of a Seo design audit, the usefulness of a seo design audit and the main points of a Seo design audit.

1. Definition of a Seo Design Audit

Basically, an SEO audit is an inventory of the general performance of the natural referencing of your website, with the objective of highlighting the elements to be optimized to improve your visibility on search engines. In other words, an SEO audit, refers to an analysis of your keywords, your semantics, the loading speed of your site, its indexation by Google crawlers, its mesh (internal and external) and many other elements.

Hearing the design of a website refers to an analysis of its ergonomic component including its physical presentation (its design), its navigation and user experience

2. Usefulness of the Seo design audit

The physical presentation of your website, its content or user experience, are among other factors that influence the performance of your website.

The role of the seo design audit is to identify all the elements that are related to the design of your website, to adjust them when they do not meet the criteria of performance, quality or reliability required by search engines.

Roughly speaking, the SEO Design audit will allow you to identify the strengths of your website in terms of design and especially, its areas of improvement.

3. The main points of an SEO design audit

For a visually appealing, modern and professional website, your SEO design audit will focus on 3 main areas:

-The responsive design

-The general rendering

-The visual construction of your pages

a) Responsive design

Responsive Web Design is an approach to web development that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device used to view it. Responsive Web Design is an approach to the problem of designing for the multitude of devices available to customers, ranging from tiny phones to huge desktop screens.

The seo design audit will allow you to verify that :

-Your content is displayed perfectly this regardless of its support (tablet, destock, smartphone...).

-The size of the fonts is adapted to the size of the screen.

-The size and weight of images and videos are not too heavy to slow down the loading time of the page.

-That the videos open automatically.

-That your menu is visible and accessible.

-That all links, buttons and CTAs are easily found and clickable.

-That the AMP validation of your pages is effective.

b) The general rendering

At this level, it is necessary to determine if the use of colors, typography, design styles, etc. are in line with your business sector and the expectations of your audience.

At this level the Seo audit will check that :

-The graphic elements are consistent with your visual identity.

-The different integrations are in agreement with your style and your brand image.

-The colors correspond to your professional field and your graphic charter.

-Your fonts are not too numerous and relevant.

-The shapes and icons respect the same model on all pages.

-The site is not invaded by ads or pop-ups.

-The navigation of your website is fluid

- The interaction design is relevant

c) The visual construction of your site

The structuring of your website influences its visual aspect at this level, so with Audit Seo design you will know if:

- your contents are sufficiently well spaced out so that the reading is pleasant and digestible

-your information is hierarchical

-your Hn structure is optimized

Finally, the visual aspect of your site is fundamental, it must be engaging, attractive and appealing to capture the attention of your prospects. Beautify your home page, because it is the first thing your visitors will see. To be effective, your site must combine a careful design and quality editorial content. Weblysoft is the development agency you need for a professional design, choose Weblysoft as your partner for web visibility, it's making the choice to be the web leader in your industry

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