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  • 06-29-2021
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The advent of the Internet associated with technological development, have altered the functioning of the communication and Marketing departments of the company. Indeed, companies today must link up with the various marketing and digital communication tools, and optimize their uses to generate profits. Web visibility is an imperative to which any business must subscribe to attract customers. To this end, SEO, SEO typologies and the relevance of SEO for companies are concepts to be understood in order to better research oneself on the chessboard that is the market.

SEO designed, the systematic process by which search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing Mozilla Firefox fox etc ...) classify websites at the request of the Internet user. search engine that it uses to have information on the activities, good (and / or) services, the expressions inserted by the latter, allow the engine to establish an orderly organization of the results on the basis of the variable relevance. In a simplified way therefore, referencing refers to the different techniques used to contribute to a better positioning, of a website, a web page or a blog, in the results of a search.

There are three (03) typologies of SEO  which complement each other in a mutual way, namely:

1. Natural SEO

Natural SEO is about appearing in unsponsored search results from search engines.

2.Paid SEO

Paid SEO is based on the purchase of paid links on Google or Bing to appear in sponsored links boxes.

3.The social SEO

In view of the proliferation of social networks and exchange platforms, the social SEO will consist in obtaining the best position, first of all within the most relevant social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Viadeo, Google+ , Slideshare etc ...), and then on the networks and directories specific to the business sector of the company.

Obtaining a better position on the first results of a search engine is imperative for the profitability of the business. Indeed, a company well referenced on search engines benefits ipso facto from:

a)A strengthening of its credibility

It's a fact, a business that ranks among the top results of a search engine feels like it is among the most trusted, so there is a build for new businesses, and improvement for those that are already. established an "e-reputation" with not only its prospects, but also in the "imagination" of Internet users.

b)Improved sales and increased profits

The ultimate goal of any business is customer acquisition and retention, which has a direct impact on sales and therefore profits. Thus obtaining a good position in the results of search engines, ensures the business of qualified traffic. In other words, the Internet users directed to the sites, pages and platform, are undoubtedly customers wishing to subscribe to the offers (and / or) services of the company.

c) Inexpensive Marketing for companies that do not have large financial resources.

The end of any business is profit making. It is in this perspective that large companies and medium-sized companies devote budgets of several millions for communication and marketing related to their activities, in order to impact their visibility and notoriety on the market. In this perspective, small companies whose activities are often strangled by the activities of the largest, now have the possibility of opting as an alternative to natural referencing which can be done at reduced cost and with quantifiable results.

d)Ensuring website performance

The first step in the development of an SEO strategy, consisting of performing an audit of the website, the web page (and / or) of the platform by the web agency in charge of the development SEO strategy. It is actually a prerequisite that allows to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the company's platform. At the end of this evaluation, the experts will suggest actions to be taken to improve the area, which may include:

*The choice of relevant keywords;

*Optimization of the loading speed;

*A restructuring of the pages;

*The intuitiveness of the website;

*Inbound links of authority.

By acting on these levers, the company improves the performance of its website, its web page (and / or) its platform, while impacting on its visibility in search engine results.

Ultimately, the importance of SEO for companies no longer suffers from any dispute. He participates not only in the development of the company's activities but also in survival. However, SEO is a complex process that must be done with certified expertise. Indeed, search engines publish "guidelines" that must be mastered and respected in order to be examined for any sanction. It is therefore advisable and recommended that companies be rigorous in the selection of web agencies. They must therefore focus on expertise that offers personalized monitoring of projects.