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  • 11-01-2021
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Performance indicators (KPI) and optimization of your local SEO.


Local SEO concerns all companies and brands that want visibility at the local level, whether they have a single point of sale or an entire distribution network. The goal of effective local SEO is to place you at the top of results on Google Maps and especially voice search. Today, when a user searches for a business in search engines, the results that appear first are geolocated results. So there is no magic, if you want to appear in geolocated search results, your site's natural referencing must include location criteria.

How to optimize your SEO to make yourself known in your sector? How to calculate the performance of your website? Which KPIs to monitor for your local SEO? these are the big questions that the Weblysoft team will answer in this article, giving you a broad spectrum of best practices for your local SEO optimization.

A- What is an SEO KPI

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) will tell you if your local SEO strategy is effective. It is therefore important for a company to determine the appropriate SEO KPIs for its website in order to

• To orient its strategy;

• Define your action plan;

• Evaluate its effectiveness,

• Adopt corrective actions as needed.

B-Which KPIs to follow for your local SEO?

For any website, there are a large number of performance indicators, including the number of visits to your website, its loading speed, its bounce rate, its conversion rate, shares on social networks, page indexing , the mesh, the backlinks etc ... But however, we will not dwell on this plethora of indicators, because the objective of Weblysoft is to provide you with the key indicators, essential to analyze the performance of your site at the local level. In this perspective, the KPIs to follow are:

1) Statistics from your Google My Business listing which will give you precise information on the number of visitors, calls or messages sent, website visits. If you do not have a listing, it is important that you create one quickly, because it is essential for your local SEO.

2) The number of reviews left by Internet users.

3) The performance of your landing pages and their bounce rate.

4) The sources of visits to your website.

C- How to improve your KPIs?

Your local SEO relies primarily on your Google My Business (GMB) listing, so that is where you will focus your efforts if you want your business to appear in Google Maps.

To optimize your listing, here are the relevance criteria expected by Google's algorithm:

1) The location of your business / company / Brand: enter your address for the local search and in the * Areas served * section, indicate your catchment area. It can be local, or even next to ivory if you want high visibility.

2) Enter the right category for your business: be as specific as possible, if Google deems your choice irrelevant, it will let you know via alerts. Take this into account if you don't want to be penalized by the search engine.

3) Fill in all the fields, even the optional ones (opening hours, services, products, etc.). The more complete your listing, the more Google will display it.

4) Insert the link to your landing page rather than the one to the home page of your website.

5) Refine the description of your establishment by optimizing your content for natural referencing.

6) Solicit feedback from your customers and respond to all comments left on your listing, whether positive or negative.

7) Keep your GMB page alive as much as your website by regularly publishing new content.

Now you know which KPIs to track for your local SEO. Weblysoft is a development agency, whose services in the digital sector will be of great use to you: Website creation for your company, SEO, hosting, application development, management of your social networks. Our team is at your disposal and available for you.

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