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  • 11-01-2021
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Local SEO and sales development for E-merchants.


Since COVID 19, consumers have turned to more local consumption. The continued devastation of this international pandemic requires consumers more than ever to make online purchases and even more local purchases. The current trend in terms of commercial practice is proximity. It is therefore essential for e-merchants to set up an effective local SEO strategy to gain visibility in their sector of activity and in their commercial area. Today the Weblysoft team will address two main areas, namely the need to use local referencing for e-merchants and the development of sales with local referencing.

A- Why as an E-trader you must have local SEO?

Consumer behavior has changed and the figures for 2020 corroborate this new reality linked to e-commerce practices. Indeed, according to data from the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (Fevad), online commerce grew by 8.5% in 2020.

Studies show that populations are more than ever attached to local commerce, and are in need of merchants to set up a relevant e-commerce service.

For e-merchants who are not entirely convinced by the impact of local SEO on sales, here are some interesting figures

• 25% of mobile users do a search every day with a geolocated request.

• Half of the customers who search for a convenience store push the door during the day.

• 88% of Internet users search for information on e-commerce from their smartphone.

Source: Think with Google

You will understand, local SEO is a tool conducive to considerable development for your online business. But to fully benefit from it, you will have to adopt a digital strategy focused on geolocation.

B- Develop my sales with my local SEO

In the age of COVID-19, local SEO is essential to attract local customers. Here are the main levers that will allow you to develop your sales with local SEO.

1. Optimize your Google My Business listing

Your Google My Business (GMB) listing is central to your local SEO strategy. Of course, it only concerns e-commerce with a physical address. Indeed, the role of the GMB file will be to bring you increased visibility on Google, increase visitor traffic to your site and your business and consequently boost your sales. In addition, it is important that you:

• Fill in your file properly: exact name and precise contact details of your business, updated opening hours and days of closure, relevant business category, etc ...

• Insert landing pages to your sales pages or to your points of sale

• Add quality photos of your store and / or your team

2. Improve your local on-site SEO

Making your SEO impeccable to attract potential customers near your e-commerce will allow you to climb in the search results, to do so you must:

• Structure your web pages: meta-tags are essential to be well referenced by Google and more generally by all search engines. They will allow you to be better positioned in search results and rise in the SERP.

• Fine-tune your internal networking, indeed, the internal networking will strengthen your local SEO strategy.

• Focus your keywords on voice search, it must be said that today, Internet users carry out their research by means of voice search. Thus, your semantic content must no longer be positioned on a main keyword, but on a long-tail query that includes your geolocation.

• Enhance your product sheets with geolocated data. They will thus be better referenced, which will also generate more traffic to your e-commerce site.

• Bet on a responsive site: 60% of local searches are from a smartphone, so it is essential that your e-commerce site is displayed correctly on different media.

• Add local SEO plugins to your website. Indeed, many tools are at your disposal to accentuate your local visibility. You will be able to insert Google Maps, display your contact details while adding tags for search engines, integrate a store locator, etc.

3. Work on your online reputation

Customer reviews, which constitute the returns of purchases they have made with you, play an essential role in your online reputation and will help you develop your sales.

Before making an act of purchase, customers compare the different offers a lot and rely a lot on the reviews left by your customers. In addition, Google also relies on comments left by consumers to judge whether or not your e-commerce is relevant, so you must:

• Highlight the opinions of your customers to set you apart from the competition

• Solicit your customers to leave you a comment

• Whether positive or negative, take the time to respond to each review on your e-commerce.

In short, a local SEO strategy encompasses a wide range of axes to put in place. If you are an e-merchant keen to grow sales through effective local SEO, rely on Weblysoft, our teams of coders, developers, designators, Community managers will work to maximize your visibility with a relevant geolocated SEO.

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