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  • 08-17-2021
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E-reputation, sometimes called "web-reputation", "cyber-reputation", "digital reputation" refers to common opinion (information, opinions, discussions, comments, rumors, etc.) on the Web of an entity (brand), legal person (company) or physical (individual). It corresponds to the identity of that brand or that person associated with the perception that Internet users have of it. It seems necessary for the Weblysoft team to tap into this digital notoriety, which can constitute a differentiating factor and present a competitive advantage in the case of companies. In the main elements of this article we will focus on its impact, its evaluation by entrepreneurs, companies and traders who deploy only the web and some avenues of its management


According to sociologist Antonio Casilli, digital trust depends mainly on the level of sociability of the actors concerned, in fact a consumer will trust an online service with a high number of users and all the more so as opinions and discussions are responsive and consistent, that its connectivity is strong within social networks.

Less obviously, trust is determined more by the level of sociability than by other factors such as the level of transaction security or the encryption of data. For example, a consumer will share their personal data easily on your website without worrying about the risks and their use because you have good feedback (positive opinion, testimonial, thanks on the quality of the services) on your activity, your offers and your services. It is therefore important for you Company, entrepreneur and merchant to follow your image because its impact (positive and negative) has a great effect on your activity, your offer and your service.

1) The benefits of a good online reputation

• Have more credibility from your customers

• Strengthen your relationship with customers

• Capture of new customers

• Increase in your sales

• Appear as a professional in your industry

• Ability to anticipate in the event of a problem related to the image of the company.

2) The consequences of a bad e-reputation

With a bad reputation, many risks appear and harm the development of the company and its activities. Its risks are:

• Denigration of the company

• Loss of visibility on social networks

• Customer withdrawal

• Decrease in sales


In order to test your reputation on the web, there are a few steps to follow:

1) Check the site update

Since your site is a reflection of your business on the internet, it is important that it is a perfect match for what you are offering. It is therefore important to maintain it properly by keeping it as up to date as possible. To do so, Weblysoft offers you a few avenues:

• Always put the latest news from your site in mind

• Show the evolution of the company with appropriate publications

• Continuously animate your blog

All of its actions contribute to the good presentation and maintenance of your website, with a professionally designed website you are able to assess the number and frequency of visitors you receive.

2) Analyze the competition

It is necessary for your business in its progression to measure itself against the competition. Whether you're at the top of the list in your industry or not, it's important to always watch what your competition is doing.

On Google, it is also beneficial to monitor if you can find yourself by searching for yourself on Google.

If you are already showing up in Google's search results, this is very interesting and it is important that this momentum continues. Otherwise you do not have a good SEO strategy, so you can contact Weblysoft for this service.

3) Measured your internet presence

It is indeed important to determine the extent of your internet presence and its relevance. This is indeed an important indicator that allows you to know if your marketing strategy is bearing fruit. If this is the case, you will have to stay on standby, keep this winning strategy and gradually adjust it with the new parameters of your environment.

In addition, you notice that your presence is not enough, you will then have to reimburse things, in this perspective Weblysoft can support you by improving your website, its SEO and your visibility on your social networks.


The good management of your e-reputation goes through 3 three main axes:

1) Create and maintain a bond of trust between your business and its customers

One of the key aspects to understand is that maintaining a good image results in a huge return on investment. Your company, its products, your offers and services must not be disconnected from the customers. On the contrary, it is important to create a special bond with your customers and Internet users, to be in permanent contact with your audience in order to gain their trust over time, if you do so, a positive brand image is gradually created. This is an important asset of the company, which will allow the capital appreciation of the company. In other words, it's a virtuous circle. The more your image improves, the more you create a beneficial business climate for you.

2) The intelligent collection and dissemination of customer reviews

Customer reviews have become decisive elements in the purchasing process. Note that 88% of consumers by consulting before taking action. They are now vectors of profits to such

an extent that Hyper-competition has also favored the emergence of these opinions which shed light on authentic and transparent experiences. Consumers no longer hesitate to give their opinion, whether positive or negative. Your online reputation can therefore be impacted by positive or negative reviews. These are also according to a survey conducted by Netoffensive

• 63% are willing to pay up to 15% more for a better experience.

• 74% of Internet users who have already given up on a purchase because of negative reviews

• 56% chose a company because it had positive reviews.

• 86% of people will be hesitant to buy from a company that has negative reviews.

• One to three bad reviews would be enough to dissuade the majority (67%) of buyers from purchasing a product or service.

It is therefore important for you as a company, entrepreneur and merchant to stand out in order to intelligently collect and distribute these valuable opinions knowing that 7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review if asked.

3) Good management of your presence on social social networks.

Today, it is becoming almost impossible for a business of any size to attract more customers and make more sales without a good social media presence. In fact, there are currently no less than 2.23 billion users on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram and 335 million on Twitter. Having a good social media presence isn't just about signing up on the most popular platforms. You will need to build a community with which you will interact on a daily basis to promote your business. The observation is as follows: given that social networks constitute a large market to be conquered today, it is necessary to establish a presence there in order to build an e-reputation.

In summary, the e-reputation is of capital importance for the company, in the development process of its activity, its profitability and its sustainability. to this end, in-depth work on e-reputation is carried out at all levels of the company and on all channels. To carry it out successfully, you have to take stock, establish a strategy and apply it. In this perspective, Weblysoft centralizes the actions allowing you to build an e-reputation or to improve it. Weblysoft is the e-reputation solution that allows your brand image to shine through the web by improving the presentation of your website, improving the content of your website, improving your SEO strategy, designing applications related to your services and business activities and effectively managing your presence on social networks.

Contact us right away in order to understand more concretely how the major articulations developed in the article can be implemented within your company.

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