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  • 05-24-2021
  • Communication

Importance of digital communication for a company

Weblysoft Team

Digital communication is the use of digital technology by companies as an information medium to communicate with their employees, customers and prospects.

 Communication being a key element in the development of a business in the digital age, it is essential for companies to put in place a good communication strategy, whether on the web or in the real market.

 Today the digital revolution has empowered the consumer.  Whoever no longer wants intrusive advertising proposing only commercial offers, he prefers to inquire before making a purchase, to compare products.  To meet this need for consumer autonomy, it is essential for companies to adopt digital communication.

 Characteristics of digital communication

  The characteristics of digital communication are numerous, in particular:

   - speed / immediacy

           - cross-border (the message is disseminated everywhere)

           - the durability and availability of the message

           - updating (the information is liquid, it can therefore be changed).

           - interactivity (audiences have the opportunity to communicate with businesses)

           - low cost.


 Digital communication tools

 They are numerous and our company weblysoft allows you to have access to the realization of all these tools which are among others:

 - Websites or digital showcase.  Any business should exist physically but also have a digital storefront. And the web siu is an essential tool for that.

  - mobile applications: to be used for company service mobility.

  - Blogs

  - Social networks

  - The fora

  - Connected objects (digital tools using the internet. As examples smart TV, smart home, connected fridge ...)

          objectives of digital communication

 The objectives of digital communication are numerous and essential in a competitive market.  Any company wishing to have a favorable positioning must take note of it.  Digital communication has 3 objectives:

    - Increase the notoriety of the company, the brand or the personality: the primary goal of a digital strategy is to improve the notoriety of the company, so you will favor actions that give great visibility to  your business (website creation, mobile applications, social media presence, product placement).

    - Increase turnover: with regard to this second objective, it is important for a company to have notoriety but if it does not result in an increase in sales, then what is the interest?

 - Improve loyalty: any business must understand that acquiring a new customer is more expensive than retaining them.  For this, any company must maintain the relationship with its customers in order to always make them feel important and privileged.

 These three objectives allow the company to improve its visibility, to create and maintain links with the target group and to develop the reputation of its service.

    Benefits of digital communication for companies

 Digital communication helps companies by:

       1- Reduction of communication costs

  The costs of communication media on the Internet are significantly lower than those of more traditional media.  Communication campaigns on new media are both simpler and faster.

      2- Ease of access to a large-scale market

  Digital is the most powerful way to reach as many people as possible in a minimum of time.  There is no spatiotemporal border, so the company can covet new markets, provoke new contacts and sell its products in different markets without traveling 24/7 and all over the world.

      4- More agility for the company

  Thanks to new digital practices, the company can offer new offers in a very short time and benefit from the return of the market almost instantly.  It can thus react very quickly to customer requests.

       5- The enhancement of its image

  New digital practices mark a profound and irreversible change in society.  their adoption by a company shows customers how well they master new media and testifies to its modernity.

      6- The differentiation of its offer

  Beyond the benefit in terms of image, digital allows the company to stand out from the competition both in terms of its products (quality) and associated services.  Availability, accessibility, speed, responsiveness, simplicity, customization are the essential digital assets on which the company must play to make a difference.

  Digital communication is of utmost importance for any business.  The digital age leaves us no longer any choice, companies have their own destiny in their hands: to choose to be a leader or to stay in the shadows.  To help you in this task, the weblysoft company that we are designing and providing you with all the digital tools (Website, mobile application, e-mailing ...) but also the assets (SEO: search engine optimization, for  better SEO).  A satisfied customer is a story that is written.