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  • 10-20-2020
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I was waiting ...


I have been here on LinkedIn, waiting to see whom of my illustrious connections would address the brutality of police that is occurring over in America.

I have seen here on LinkedIn all this week posts about Memorial Day, Veterans, etc. A Platform that supposedly should be used for networking, learning, business development and job hunting. For those of you reading this article and are thinking about calling me a social justice warrior, or saying that this post is out of place, Well LISTEN, MISS ME WITH THAT BULL SHIT and Click Off the article.

OK, now that that was addressed, let's continue. As I was saying, I saw several posts about Veterans, Memorial Day etc... But nothing about the CONTINUOUS KILLING OF UNARMED BLACK MEN AT THE HAND OF POLICE. I guess everyone thinks this is not the platform to do it. Well think again...

So, while seating here I wondered if the lives of black people in America and the Western World are now worth a $20 forgery ... Was it $10 or $20, I forget... Jesus ... I guess it is progress. They (black people lives) used to be worth $0 or less than that.

Actually they had negative value since we were not considered human not so long ago. And here lies the fundamental problem. When you watch the video of George Floyd killing you see the lack of empathy, compassion from that criminal in blue.


I hope the silence of all the people in my network is not acquiescence of that murder and that for those of you that are citizen and especially white citizen you will exercise compassion, make use of your privilege and compel your representatives to make the needed structural changes in all police departments in the USA.

But you know my team and I do not only talk we act. We have always used Technology to serve small businesses, startups, fortune 500 companies and ourselves. We have always and still believe that fundamentally most people are good and that by sharing our culture (http://www.moorcast.net , http://www.moorradio.com), our history and tradition we were doing our part to break prejudice.

However, today my team and I are tired and we are going on the offensive. We realize that Technology is a tool for good but can also be used as a weapon ... And We intend to do so starting today.

Since it seems we are in a media war , where our stories, our cultures and lives are mostly narrated by people that are not us which in turn create the negative perception that the rest of the world has of us as black people (Afro Descendants if you prefer), we are left with no choice than to fight ...

Our group is small but world wide , you best believe we will now yield that weapon (technology) to combat those injustices against black people. We are tired of our image being defamed, our people being mistreated, our lives being taken, Enough is enough ...