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  • 12-07-2021
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Digital age


The Information Age (also known as the Digital Age or Computer Age) is a historical period that begins in the middle of the 20th century and is characterized by a rapid shift from the traditional industry established by the Industrial Revolution to a predominantly  based on information technology.  The onset of the Information Age may be associated with the development of transistor technology, especially MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) which has become the cornerstone of electronics.  digital and revolutionized modern technology

 I-The advantages of the digital age

 - The digital revolution sees no physical borders.  Communication between people and businesses has changed dramatically with the advent of the digital world.  New communication platforms reduce the distance and cost of staying in touch with loved ones or partners.

 - the way people interact with businesses and with each other is changing.  Technology in general, and the digital world in particular, has an impact on user preferences, value proposition and distribution models.  If we focus on customers, we help create more autonomy for customers and users, making them feel a level of independence regarding decision making that was not before.

 - companies have moved from a reactive offer of real or virtual products on their shelves to a proactive offer of products and solutions, based on user knowledge and artificial intelligence.

 - we are moving towards a hands-free model, moving from a physical distribution model to a digital model.  We are moving into a world of voice searches, conversations with robots, and voice assistants that will allow users to streamline search times and decision-making.

 - the digital age not only allows students to learn in other ways, but also offers the possibility of acquiring more lasting practical knowledge in an intuitive way.  when people are motivated to learn something, knowledge lasts.

 II- The misdeeds of digital evolution

 The impact of digital technology on our lives is undeniable, even if some critics at least put into perspective the positive aspect of this impact.  While these innovations have changed many lives, they have not led to a noticeable increase in productivity.

 The change in social behavior and our relationships with each other have undergone a radical change resulting from the arrival of the digital world.

 The pollution of the environment is progressing with the gases of big industries and the robots.

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