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  • 06-22-2021
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Since the era of <<troc>>, communicate about wealth, (and / or) precious metals to be exchanged has always been a guarantee of success. Nowadays, the primordial place of communication on the impact of the profitability of the company is a fact which cannot be disputed. The context of digitalization of commerce, which is ours today, requires the company to communicate through new media in order to reach an audience that now only lives on the Internet. Today, the website constitutes an essential communication medium for the company, which wants to be visible and sustainable. 3 major questions arise concerning the tool that is the website, namely: What is a website? what are the typologies of website? how could he serve the company?

<< What is a website? >>

A website, a website or simply a site, is "a set of web pages and resources linked by hyperlinks" (Source Wikipedia). which the user can access through a web address called Url and registered in a domain. In a simplified way, it is a file (Video, Text, image) or sets of files hosted on a server and accessible via the internet.

<< what are the typologies of website? >>

There are seven (07) Main types of websites namely:

1. Showcase sites

As its name suggests, it is a showcase through which exhibitions are made. The ultimate goal of the showcase site is therefore the presentation of the company, its activity, its offers of wealth (and / or )services.

2. E-commerce sites

designated by the term "commercial site", the e-commerce site represents a fully functional online store. It allows the Internet user (who can be a potential customer or an already acquired consumer) to make their purchases online from their smartphone, PC or tablet.

3. Portals

Portals designate reference sites in a specific field which offer messaging services, calendar, news panels to Internet users. Portals are websites which allow the Internet user to register and to log in to obtain information. full accessibility to the company's good and service offerings.

4. Institutional sites

The main function of this type of site is to contribute to the development of the company and to strengthening its image by building close relations with the media and Internet users.

They make it possible to convey the values ​​of a company, association or institution and are in charge of relaying public information.

5. Community sites.

Community sites make it possible to bring together small groups of Internet users within a virtual community where they can exchange, debate, publish and converse on various subjects.

6. Personal websites

Still identified by the term "business card sites", personal sites convey basic information on the activity and contact details of the individual.

7. Blogs

assimilated to electronic journals, blogs are sites where web content is published (Articles on one or more specific themes) in order to educate and inform the Internet user.

<< how can a website serve the business? >>

As we showed in the introduction, being present and communicating on the Internet has become essential for all new and less young businesses. In fact, with penetration rates of 81% in North America, 86% in Canada; 80% in the USA; 78% in Western Europe; 83% in France; 8% in Africa and 12% in South Asia (Sources: the digital observatory, fevad, insee, eurostats) it is easy to understand that the internet is a market today that must be conquered in order to generate and sustain profits. Having a website is therefore an essential investment for very small businesses; SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) Large enterprises; self-employed traders and entrepreneurs. The website will allow the visibility of the company and the development of its activity by reaching a large public regardless of geographical limits.A website will allow the company to concretely:

-Present its activities, offers of wealth and / or services;

-Value its products and / or its services;

-To create a direct link with its customers and to probe its opinion;

-To keep its customers and prospects informed;

-To increase its notoriousness and occupy a space not exploited or badly exploited by competition;

-To sell your products and services online;

- Increase sales and increase profits.

Summary, it is a big risk for a business to stay away from the internet and the new communication tools it implies. Indeed, according to Email-Brokers (major player in database management) "81% of companies that went bankrupt in 2013 simply failed to bet on the Internet". subscribing to the new communication requirements is, among other things, thinking about creating a website for its activity, providing it with quality and secure hosting and above all developing a good SEO strategy.

We hope you now see the importance of having a website for your business. 

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