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  • 11-02-2021
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The topic of customer attraction is at the heart of Corporate Marketing. It is to answer the question of << how can we increase our customer base>> that companies multiply marketing strategies. Companies that show originality and flush out customers in an intense way create psychosis among their competitors. In this article, the Weblysoft team aims not to give you a miracle recipe to capture customers, but rather make you understand that basically, the real issue to work on to make your target addicted to your brand, company, activity is the question of desire.

1. Identify and analyze your target

In relation to your brand, your company and/or your activity, you must define your target exactly. Before talking about yourself, you must listen to the population and its environment.

You must be immersed in your target's universe, speak its language, decipher the codes that furnish its daily life. This is to draw up a precise profile of your audience:

- age;

-Place of residence;



-Places frequented;

-focus of interest;

-Socio-economic situation;

Socio-cultural context;

-social values and norms

It is really important that you take the time to establish a detailed survey of your target audience because the information gathered will be invaluable in building a personalized marketing plan for the customer, which will be profitable for you. Indeed, if the area of commercial deployment, the communication support, and the price grid are chosen according to the clientele, the better the added value for your brand, in terms of branding as well as profits.

2. Personalize and vary your approach techniques

After having clearly identified your target, the challenge is now to make yourself known, at this level, if you don't have an unlimited advertising budget, it would be better for you to calibrate your communication strategy as close as possible to the customer's expectations.

Keep in mind that the chosen support is already, in itself, a business card, a way to present the state of mind of your activity and company to the prospect.

Thus, you can play the card of conviviality and human warmth with street marketing, a presence in fairs and exhibitions (to reach a public that already knows for the most part what it is looking for) or ephemeral capsules in summer vacation spots (in this case, the customer is not looking for anything in particular, but has time to stroll).

But it may be that your research on the typical customer leads you rather to digital media: social network management, regularity with newsletters, expertise with white papers for professionals, or humor and entertainment with online contests etc...

The approach techniques constitute a very wide range, in which it is up to you to choose the one that will fit the profile of X or Y customer.

3. Be attractive.

Once your customers are interested in you, you have to take care of your look to make your target definitely addicted to your brand, company, activity. Find the right tone according to your customer's socio-professional category: formal or informal? neutral or formal? general public or expert?

Investing in exclusive quality content, written by professional web writers can be judicious in the age of content marketing and in the face of increasingly demanding customers in terms of information. For the visual supports, do not neglect any detail.

The graphic charter must both give an atmosphere typical of the company's activity, and create a visual harmony between the different communication supports.

Think about a font that represents you well, and is the ambassador of your activity. It is the same font that makes us recognize from far a capital letter of a famous fast-food sign, that will suggest chic and tradition if we choose serif fonts like Times New Roman, or on the contrary the modernity if we favor calligraphies called stick, like Arial.

Your message must be both simple and impactful, and distributed in an original form that will make your company recognizable among all for the prospect.

4. Keep your customers coming back

Marketing is like courting a woman, after you've given her the reasons to be with you, you have to convince her every day that she made the right choice. Your prospect has become a customer: he has just subscribed to a service offer from your company, your new objective now is to maintain this customer.

To do this, you need to create a sense of distinction for the customer. The customer must feel privileged, that buying a product from your brand makes him feel special, belonging to a small circle with a certain aura of value.

Let this customer know that they are unique and that they belong to a <<family>> that doesn't limit their relationships just to buying and selling.

Finally, get close to those who are making the current trends: celebrities, influencers, engaged voices. If these personalities try your products for free and then relay them on the web in the form of a photo or feedback, your product will immediately benefit from the strong attraction power of the person talking about it.

In short, it is easy to see that capturing customers means engaging in a series of seductive actions in order to arouse their desire. To do this, the ideal is to know your target well, in order to send a personalized, clear and original message and then maintain the relationship between the company and the customer on a daily basis.

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