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  • 09-14-2021
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Bumper advertising in communication


A bumper is a brief interval on radio or television filled with music, video shots or voice-overs that marks a break between a program and a commercial. Advertising is a promotional activity which aims to sell product or service to a target audience. With these two definitions we can define Bumper Advertising like advertising format in the form of video of six seconds. We can also define it like a short six second video that let reach more customers and increase awareness about brand with brief memorable messages six second video format ideal for driving brand reach and frequency. In what realy consist it? We talk about this in our work.



  Bumper advertising is an advertising format especially conceive for mobile phone and it present a short video non skippable of six second. It is impossible to networker to desactivate it, or ignore the advertising; the youtubes videos proposed one version skippable after five seconds.


Google wishes in this way to adapt to the mobile market by surfing the trend of short videos. Google thus forces to regret the content of the entire video. Without having to be too intrusive by the internet user. These announcements will not aim to replace the most current ones but rather serve as a complementary lever. The idea is to support a youtube campaign focused on a longer video using these short announcements to reinforce the message and to reach a wider audience.

Integrating Bumper ads into a current paid advertising campaign offers a variety of advantages for growing awareness of your brand and even driving traffic.

These ads are highly customizable, affordable, and make the most of the ever-shortening attention spans of online consumers.

YouTubes advanced targeting options allow you to show ads to very specific audiences types, rather than wasting money showing ads to the billions of YouTube viewers.

Pairing Bumper ads with retargeting or True View ads can increase their efficacy as well.

This is an idea of what of how Bumper ads work and how to make the most of them.

  How its works?

  For create the bumper video campaigns in Google advertising using the video campaign type is the same steps like YouTube creation video.

-             Videos must six seconds or shorter. Viewers can skip that advertising

-             A view of bumper ad wont increment the videos YouTube view count

-             Bumper ads use target CPM (Cost- Per thousand impressions) bidding. We can pay each time ad is shown 1000 times.

-             Bumper ads often work well when they run along true view ads. Learn more about true view video ad formats. The short format can be especially effective on mobile, when people are often watching videos on the go.

    II)  Benefits of YouTube Bumper Ads 

           The shortened format of Bumper ads makes them challenging for some advertisers. How much can it really share about absolutely amazing product in just six seconds?  Might wonder why they would choose such a short format when there are so many other YouTube advertising options.

 The main reason to choose them? Bumper ads work.

- Many consumers are becoming ad-blind, meaning they do not pay attention to ads. Particularly on a desktop computer, users are likely to find something else to hold their attention while a long ad plays.

-The short length of bumper ads makes them uniquely effective at keeping attention

because a countdown timer shows viewers how long the ad will last. In fact, Google found that viewers are far more likely to recall the ad content of bumper ads.

-Bumper ads are one of the most cost-effective ways to reach billions of YouTube watchers, since Google uses cost per thousand impressions to charge.

                                        III- Four Strategies for YouTube Bumper Ad Success

        Now that understand what Bumper ads are and how to create them. Their short format and affordability make them an ideal way to dip the toes into YouTube advertising or level up an already successful campaign. But, before you drive in, it is important to understand what makes a Bumper ad successful. Here are the four best practices  to follow when launching your YouTube Bumper ad campaign.

-  Keep  Ad Simple & Straightforward

   In a longer ad, plenty of time to include elements of storytelling, ad product details, even show of features. With just six seconds, however, dont have the luxury of time.

 The ad has to be short and to the point:   try to fit too much in the short time frame, we may end up confusing viewers or overwhelming them.

 Instead, focus on one purpose, one message you want to convey in your YouTube Bumper ad: For example, sell a smartphone case.  Focus on the innovative stand or how it protects a phone from a long fall or water.

- Target Bumper Ads Carefully

           Bumper ads can be an affordable way to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and even drive sales. However, without careful targeting, the risk wasting the ad spend by displaying ad to viewers who are not in the target audience.

- Leverage Retargeting

           Retargeting, as we may know, allows marketers to target people who have interacted with their brand in the past. Depending on the setting of campaign, choose to target people who have visited a website or joined the email list. But, if we think of retargeting only as a way to encourage people to, for example, to check out an abandoned cart, you might be underestimating this strategy.

- Consider Using Bumper Ads Alongside TrueView Ads

        TrueView ads are skippable YouTube ads that viewers have the option to watch if they are interested in the company, or skip if they dont want to watch the ad. These are ideal for advertisers because only pay for ads that people choose to watch. Running similar campaigns in both Bumper ads and True View ads can extend brand reach considerably and save money on ad spend. For example: if someone chooses to watch a full 30-second ad for a brand, youve got a pretty good idea they are interested in your brand.

        In conclusion, we can say that bumper advertising is a short video that let you reach more customers and increase awareness about the brand with brief memorable message. It is an important method of insertion for the advertiser because many viewers can see it an touch much target, also because it is unskippable. Due to their length, bumper ads are best for creating brand awareness and reach.just like the website or the mobile application, the video bumper is a means to reach its target and to gain notoriety.  advertising is a form of communication and therefore a means of conveying a message effectively. For more information contact weblysoft your development agency.

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