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  • 10-01-2021
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Branding and its impact on sales.


"Branding is, in the field of marketing, the discipline of managing commercial brands, and in particular the brand image of the companies that exploit them" (source: Wikipedia). Indeed, it must be said that in a context of flourishing companies in the world, the image of the brand allows more and more to stand out, to claim a particular identity. On the observation of the influence of the image of the brand on the environment of the company, the Weblysoft team will talk to you in this article on a set of tips to increase your sales through branding.

A. Definition of Branding

Branding is much more than a simple logo, or even a single visual identity: it's the emotional response your business will elicit from its customers. The image of your company will generate information that will be meaningful for your customers, the interpretation and effects of the information generated by your company will greatly impact on the choice to follow you or not. So you can easily understand that your brand depends on how people perceive your business. branding will therefore refer to the set of actions that you initiate, implement, in order to achieve a positive perception of your brand.

Indeed, your brand is only a name, but your branding is an action: creating a logo, developing the communication style, thinking about advertising campaigns, managing your social networks, are among other branding actions. Basically all the actions you take in order to build your brand, in short, are branding actions.

B. Importance of Branding

• It helps you stand out from your competition. Indeed, Branding helps you establish yourself in the market in a unique way, and highlighting your uniqueness shows your customers why they should choose your business.

• It strengthens brand recognition. To be successful, your brand must be recognizable. Effective branding that incorporates a professional logo, a quality website, good management of your social networks, a good marketing strategy will help you create a unique style, and improve your brand recognition in the market.

• It creates a consistent brand experience for your customers. For your business to be successful, you need to create and maintain a certain brand experience for your customers, regardless of how they interact with your business. Branding allows you to control how people perceive this experience, and therefore to ensure that it still meets the same quality standards.

• It allows you to create links with your audience and build customer loyalty. The most successful companies are those that have established an emotional connection with their audience. This link is what will allow you to transform a prospect into a customer, and a customer into an ambassador of your brand. The creation of this emotional connection is possible by doing branding indeed, by bouncing among other things on the feelings of your audience in your communications, by relying on the psychology of the colors for the creation of your logo, you can create a connection with your audience and therefore to retain your customers.

C. Seven (07) tips to increase your sales through branding

1.The logo

Your logo must be present from the creation of your business. The latter allows you to be recognized at first glance. By seeing your logo, we know who you are and possibly what you are selling if you are in a specialized field. You will then be recognized instantly and this can only be positive for you.

2.The graphic charter

the graphic charter is a working document, explaining how and under what conditions your logo and your visual elements can be used. It contains all the rules described in detail and explains the creative choices behind them. It also includes visual documentation and templates to apply your identity consistently. As an extension of the logo, it is important to have a graphic charter so that your potential customers can recognize you at first glance.

3.The website

Building a website is also one of the key branding actions. Your website is like the virtual store for your business that your customers will visit. It should be engaging, easy to use, and most importantly, it should reflect your brand's personality.

4. Offer quality products at the right price

You will not only be judged on the aesthetics of your brand, the products you are going to offer are also important because they allow you to prove your expertise in the field.

By offering products that are rare or different from the competition, you set yourself apart. Also, the price of products must be as fair as possible. This means that it pays to be well informed about what the competition is offering. This does not mean breaking your prices, you risk losing customers.

5.Gather feedback

Collecting opinions from your customers who have already bought your products is important because it allows you to prove that you sell objects that appeal to people, but also that you are concerned about their satisfaction, and that you are in a logic of your improvement for those who will not be satisfied.

6. Have a loyalty program

A loyalty program consists of offering your customers various advantages in order to retain them and encourage them to buy more. the principle is simple, the more your customer buys, the more benefits and rewards they receive.

7.Have an irreproachable after-sales service

The after-sales service and the contacts you will have with your customers must be impeccable. This means that whatever your client's request, you must answer their questions accurately and most importantly, quickly. Also, it is important that your after-sales service is up and running.

Ultimately branding is important for the visibility and reputation of your company. This involves, among other things: a professional logo, a graphic charter, good management of your social networks, the clear and precise drafting of your web pages. That said, do not forget that doing branding is carrying out actions in order to cultivate the image of your brand, in this process of implementing actions Weblysoft supports you, contact us for the creation of your logo professional, your website, the management of your social networks, your SEO strategy, the creation and development of your applications.

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