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  • 07-06-2021
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Nowadays the economic sphere, more precisely the commerce sector is marked by the expansion of a new concept: "e-commerce". Indeed, from the "small" merchant to the "big" supplier, everyone talks about "e-commerce". Therefore, it would be interesting to know what the notion of "e-commerce" refers to and identify its usefulness for economic players in a contemporary world now marked by the inclusion of digital in the daily habits of individuals.

"E-commerce" or electronic commerce, refers to the action of buying (and / or) selling wealth (and / or) services on the internet. In other words, it refers to the various commercial transactions, carried out by all individuals via an electronic medium (Smartphone, PC, Tablet, etc.) on the Internet network.

“E-commerce” is a “lifeline” for players in the economic sphere. Figures on "the use of the internet in the world" reveal that 57% of humans are connected, in 2019 out of 7.7 billion people on earth, 5.1 billion have a mobile phone and 4.4 billion use the internet (Source: lesechos.fr). In view of this reality, according to which the world has become a connected interplanetary village, it must be said that companies, entrepreneurs and traders should turn to “e-commerce” for 4 major reasons, namely:

1)Global promotion of their activities.

Consumer habits in the internet age are different from the days of our forefathers. Indeed, they now prefer to shop online, but also get informed and educated about goods and services with one click. In this perspective, it is clear that to tie in with this evolution for the economic actor, by having recourse to the good practices of “e-commerce” which are: the use of online store, the use of website, the use of mobile applications and the development of a good marketing and digital communication strategy; participates in a considerable way in the promotion and popularization of their offers of goods and services.

2)Penetration of new markets

With "e-commerce", the boundaries of geographical areas are no longer obstacles to the expansion of activities, in fact, connected to your PC, smartphone or tablet, you can easily offer our goods (and / or ) services to the 4.4 billion congeners who use the internet.

3)Increased sales and increased profits

With the opportunity to promote the business internationally and the possibility of expanding into new markets, it positively affects profitability with increased sales, hence increased profits.

4)Facilitation and efficiency of exchanges between buyers and sellers

“Communication is the nurturing breast of society”, it is the basis of any action that wants to be socially constructed. It must be said that one of the difficulties with the trade as practiced in the traditional way, was that the distance could move the consumer away from the seller and the supplier from the reseller, in fact, information relating to market fluctuations could not be relayed. on time. However, with "e-commerce" there is a closeness between the customer and the seller, and the possibility of being up to date on market fluctuations and the seizing of opportunities.

In definitive, it should be remembered that “e-commerce” is a new way of offering wealth  (and / or) services which breaks down many barriers and burdens linked to the practice of traditional commerce, and thereby offers opportunities in terms of visibility, sales improvement and expansion for economic players. But it should be noted that the exploitation of the opportunities offered by “e-commerce” requires perfect mastery of the use of good “e-commerce” practices and the optimization of the use of tools linked to technology on the Internet. Internet. It is therefore advisable and recommended for economic players to surround themselves with experts (Web designer, Web developer, CM, CEO and SEO) who will support them in conquering the vast market that is the internet.