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Who are We ? We are passionate, intelligent, reliable creative, developers, engineers and marketers striving to design, build and promote great products that increase our clients bottom line but also improve people lives and make the world a bit better than it was.
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SmallBizz - Case Study

Gaining visibility can be a challenge for small businesses, especially when conventional marketing ideas are slowly fading away. SmallBizz is the perfect vehicle to sky rocket your social network visibility and create a personal connection with potential and existing customers. Your SmallBizz membership will allow you to solicit reviews and referrals from satisfied customers and post top ratings to social media networks (i.e. Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook).

Manage Your Customers Rollodex

SmallBizz will enable you to manage (add/edit, delete, search, import) your customers information. With SmallBizz you can also easily communicate (about your services, products, promotions, etc) with your customers via emails, phone calls and news letters.

Leads (Referrals) Acquisition & Management

SmallBizz is able to automatically acquire warm leads for your business by utilizing your existing customers social and family networks. SmallBizz qualifies the referrals your customers give and automatically starts conversations with them right away! Using these conversation SmallBizz attempts to turn these leads into customers

Are you a new business and do not yet have customers ? Not a problem. SmallBizz will search and find new and relevant business leads to whom your company can provide its products and services to.

Sollicit & Get Reviews From Your Customers.

SmallBizz will automatically and smartly request reviews from your existing customers. They (customers) in turn can post their positive reviews of your business on your social media pages (i.e. Facebook, Google Business, Yelp, etc). SmallBizz also gives your customers the ability to share their reviews of your business with their friends and family members.

SmallBizz goal is to put your local business in the spotlight. Positive online reviews help your business stand out from your competition online, and are proven to get you even more business.

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